Listening Comprehension Skills

What it is

An area of student need, involving difficulty with receptive processing of oral information.

Teaching Strategies

• Provide extra time for processing of oral information.
• Pair oral instructions with visual ones (writing or symbols).
• Develop a cue for the student to focus on listening before important information is given (“Stop, look and listen,” or turning the lights off and on).
• Pre-teach new vocabulary and regularly review previously taught vocabulary.
• frequently check with the student for understanding.
• Use Differentiated Instruction to teach lessons in a variety of ways.


• Reduce auditory distractions in the classroom.
• Use preferential seating to limit distractions.
• Post reference information for student to use (charts, schedule, etc.).


• Ensure student understands test/assignment questions.
• Provide written instructions and rubrics for assignments.
• Provide a choice of assessment activities so that the student can select one related to his/her strengths.
• Provide a reference sheet or vocabulary and/or a dictionary for tests.

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