Visual-Motor Skills

What it is

An area of student need, involving difficulty with coordination between hands and eyes to produce accurate physical movements.

Teaching Strategies


• Implement recommendations received from a physical and/or occupational therapist.
• Develop and implement alternative programming goals on the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP), relating to visual-motor development.
• Use computers/assistive technology (voice to text).
• Provide copies of notes.
• Teach cursive writing and allow the student to choose printing or writing.
• Reduce the amount of writing.
• Reduce expectations in physical education, and monitor safety.


• Use preferential seating, so that the student is close to assistive technology.


• Use assistive technology.
• Use oral testing/scribing.
• Use a variety of testing questions (true-false, matching, fill in the blank).
• Provide extra time.

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