Assistive Technology

What it is

Assistive Technology (AT) is any piece of technology that helps a student with or without a disability to increase or maintain his/her level of functioning. These often include lap tops with specialized programs, like speech to text, text to speech, graphic organizers and word prediction software.


• You will need to complete a Special Equipment Amount (SEA) application to acquire funding from the Ministry to provide the assistive equipment prescribed by a non-teaching professional to help a student. For more information, see Special Equipment Amount (SEA) Ministry Funding Guideline
• You may want to conduct a trial of the equipment before purchasing.
• Ensure the equipment is available and used by the student as often as possible.
• Establish time and a goal for the student to learn computerized programs.
• Document the use of technology in the student’s IEP.

Additional Information on Specific Assistive Technologies:

Graphic organizers
Speech to text
Text to speech
Word prediction programs

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