Speech to Text Programs

What it is

Speech to text (STT) software is a type of assistive technology program that converts words that are spoken aloud to electronic written text to support increased demonstration of learning and independence. SST can also be referred to as dictation or Speech Recognition Programs.


• Directly instruct students on how to use available STT programs.
• Model effective strategies for learning, as teachers learn new programs along with students.
• Demonstrate STT regularly as part of whole class instructional lessons for various subjects, using a projector.
• Consider developing or providing basic instructions on how to access and get started on using the programs.
• Regularly require the use of STT programs for all students in various subject areas.
• Ensure use of STT for students with it listed as an accommodation in their IEP, for all reading tasks.
• Conference with small groups on the use of STT.
• Select student leaders to mentor other students on STT.
• Consider doing a trial of testing students’ written communication without STT and then with STT.
• Provide students with free down load information for home use of STT.
• Inform parents of STT programs and their benefits.
• Access school and board supports for additional resources and training on TTS.

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