Visual-Spatial Processing

What it is

An area of student need, involving difficulty with organizing and rotating visual information.

Teaching Strategies


• Provide clear and concise oral instructions.
• Pair oral with visual/concrete manipulatives.
• Check with the student for his/her level of understanding.
• Encourage the student to ask questions for clarification.
• Use speech to text assistive technology.
• Teach the student to self-talk as a method of problem solving.
• Provide copies of notes.
• Use graph paper to line up math questions.
• Develop a reference sheet on how to read maps.


• Use preferential seating to reduce visual distractions.


• Use assistive technology.
• Provide extra time.
• Use oral testing/scribing.
• Offer a choice of assessments/assignments.
• Provide a lot of space for answers.


A perceptual disorder involving improper processing of light waves - Information and strategies

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