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A diagnosed anxiety disorder condition, based on unreasonable thoughts, fears and/or worries (obsessions) that make the sufferer perform routines (compulsions), in an attempt to manage the anxieties. Cognitive therapy is suggested to help deal with OCD.

A therapist that works in the area of rehabilitative services which range from, improving a student grip of a pen to routines that improve strength and dexterity.
A password protected site for educators to find resources by grade, subject/course, strand, overall expectations, and/or keywords. Passwords are provided by school boards.
A file of educational achievement for every student in Ontario schools, including a listing of schools attended, copies of report cards, Individual Education Plans and assessments, if any. A Ontario Ministry of Education document on OSRs outlines procedures.

A diagnosed psychological condition that hinders the acceptance of authority and is characterized by rebellious disobedience. A professional will diagnose the disorder based on the established criteria, including symptoms, for at least six months.

An area of student need, involving difficulty in following or developing a system of managing materials and ideas.

Atypical anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and/or binge eating disorder if not all the criteria are met.
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